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We offer truly outstanding buildings that are constructed to last. Our service levels
are first class and like-for-like nobody beats us on price.

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Concrete Garages Scotland are the largest concrete garage specialists in Scotland. We are the sole installers of the award-winning Hanson Garages range. We cover ALL of Scotland, including the Highlands and Islands.

We call them concrete garages. Our customers call them garages, workshops, sheds, playrooms, storage rooms, music rooms, offices and more. Whatever you want to call our buildings you can be sure that they will serve the purpose you intend for them perfectly. They offer the most affordable way that you can add a solid, permanent building to your home.

We install most garages, even double garages in a single day. Our team will arrive in the morning and install everything that day. That includes windows, fascias and soffits. If you extra need a concrete base installed we can do that as well (please allow an extra day).

Quality – Engineered to Last
We offer the very best concrete garage products anywhere in the UK. We are sole distributors in Scotland for the multi-award-winning Hanson Garages range. All buildings feature unique interlocking panels that offer outstanding strength and insulation properties. The flexibility that offered in design, materials and finishes in unrivalled.

People often ask if a concrete garage is as good as a brick garage? A concrete garage has quite a few advantages over a brick garage. Click here to find out more.

Our styles of concrete garagesBrilliant Customer Service
Our work is always first class. Our team are friendly, helpful and make sure any disruption you face is kept to an absolute minimum. We get a huge amount of customer recommendations. They are available to view at our showroom. Nobody tries harder to make you happy. We have thousands of happy customers all over Scotland to prove it.

Peace Of Mind
Now entering our 14th year, we have a wealth of construction experience. From management to the shop floor, to our installation team we know exactly what they’re doing.
For complete peace of mind, we offer a 10-year structural guarantee on our full range of garages and sheds. Your decision to buy from Concrete Garages Scotland is one that you will never regret. Should a problem arise you can be sure that we will do our absolute best to put it right quickly and without fuss. Our backup team are excellent, friendly and easy to talk to.

Massive Choice
We offer the most diverse product range in Scotland. We design and build bespoke garage systems to suit your exact needs.

The Hanson garage system offers unrivalled flexibility. You can specify extra height, L-shaped and tapered buildings in a vast range of sizes and finishes. Single garages, double garages, triple, quadruple and even larger if you need it. We can supply the building you want at the best value for money available. That’s a promise.

We can meet virtually any need for a covered space. From a small shed, through to a workshop, a standard garage right up to our range of industrial buildings. All built to the same exacting standard.

Unbeatable Prices
From simple shed to a garage, from workshop to gym, from hobby room to music room. Whatever your requirement we can design a building to meet your needs. And we’ll do it at a MUCH lower price than you would pay for a traditional brick garage building. If you’re looking at other concrete garage ranges, when specified like-for-like, ours are unbeatable on price too!

To find out more call us free on 0800 112 3013 or fill out the form below. We can give you an instant quote if you have an idea of the size or type of garage you require.

Reasons to use concrete garages Scotland
Brick effect concrete garage
Graphite finish concrete garage
Typical concrete garage door


• We have a huge range of flexible designs. There’s virtually no garage need we can’t accommodate.

• The range of pre-fabricated concrete buildings we offer are as strong and long-lasting as brick garages. At less than half the cost.

• The Sectional Concrete Garages we offer are extremely strong and durable. They usually don’t require planning permission.

• Our own employees (not contractors) will install your garage in a single day. This includes fascias and finishes. Add an extra day if you need us to install a concrete base.

• You can see before you buy at one of our show sites in Inverurie, Clyde Valley or our main showroom in East Kilbride.

• Our garage buildings, workshops and sheds offer outstanding value for money. Specified to a similar level, our competition can’t beat us on value for money.

• For complete peace of mind our buildings come with a 10 year structural guarantee. Our support staff are great to deal with too.

Need some advice? Call and speak to an advisor. The call is free and we can usually give you an idea of what your garage would cost over the phone. Call 0800 112 3013. We hope to hear from you!

Important Note to Customers:

Without trying to rubbish the competition please note that some other companies try to pass themselves off as actually being us! This has been happening to the extent that we are now taking legal action against the company as we are getting complaints about delays to installations from customers who, it turns out, are not even ours.

If you’re looking around for garage quotations please ask if the person you are talking to is a sales agent for an English based garage installation firm and what role they will have in the installation after the deposit is taken.

We are the official installers of the UK’s premier garage range in Scotland. Our own staff will carry out your installation. We are liable for any problems that may arise during the installation. You have a point of contact at our showroom so we can’t palm you off or hide from you (this happens!). We take our responsibility to our customers extremely seriously. At our showroom you can also see everything for yourself before you commit to buy, you’re not ordering from a brochure or a small sample collection.

We don’t mean to labour the point or talk down the competition, many of whom are fine, but we can’t ignore that our company name is being used wrongly as it’s damaging our reputation and some people are being unfairly treated.


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