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Are Concrete Garages as good as brick built garages?

Some people have heard horror stories about old leaky concrete garages and think they are inferior to traditional brick built garages. With modern concrete garages this simply is not the case. Both brick and concrete garages should give you a finished garage that will last for many years but we think that modern, high-performance concrete garage buildings have real advantages over brick.

Concrete is incredibly durable and very strong.

Many people don’t realise just how durable concrete is. After all the Roman Colosseum is made of concrete and it’s still standing after nearly two thousand years. Reinforced concrete is used on buildings of every size, including on the tallest buildings in the world which couldn’t be built without it. Your garage will last easily as long as your house!

A concrete garage system is a LOT cheaper than a brick garage.

Compared to a similar sized brick built garage, a prefabricated concrete structure will cost around half of what the brick building will cost. You don’t lose out on features and can have just about any size, shape or style of garage you can think of. UPVC side doors, front doors and rear doors, double glazed windows, single, double and triple garage doors either electrically powered or manually operated etc… Anything you can have with a brick garage you can have with a sectional concrete garage.

You don’t need planning permission

In Scotland, Local Authority approval is usually not required for a pre-cast concrete garage installation. If you call 0800 112 3013 we can tell you what’s required in your location.

You don’t need an expensive architect

We can take you through the various options you need to consider in order to ensure that the finished garage does everything you require from it. You can choose everything from size, amount and placement of doors and windows, power requirements, access requirements and styling options that ensure it matches the style of your home and enhances your surroundings.

Installing a concrete garage is MUCH quicker than building a brick garage.

From initial consultation to completely finished garage building can take as little as a couple of weeks. The installation itself is usually carried out in a single day. If you need a concrete base installed it will take an additional day or so. A complete garage installed from scratch including a concrete slab in 2 days. Try that with a brick built garage!

A concrete garage is fire resistant

Concrete doesn’t burn and unlike most brick built garages which usually have a highly combustable wooden roof structure our concrete garages feature super-strong galvanised or aluminium roofing supports which are inherently fire resistant. Due to this you may even see lower insurance premiums when compared to a traditional garage system.

Product quality

Our garage systems are built in a tightly controlled factory environment using the very latest high-tech machinery to ensure extremely consistent levels of construction with tightly controlled tolerances and material quality. With traditional brick built garage systems you can’t control the quality of the tradespeople building the garage and are at the mercy of the elements during the construction process which can last weeks. Our highly skilled installers offer a guaranteed high-precision installation service and the fact that installation of the garage itself usually only takes a day minimises the effects that bad weather can have on the construction process.