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Are you looking for a Concrete Garage in the west of Scotland?

Concrete Garages Scotland cover the whole of the west coast area with the biggest and best value range of quality sectional garages in Scotland.

Concrete Garages Scotland are the largest concrete garage specialists in Scotland.

As Scotland’s only official installers of the superb Hanson Garages range, we offer a complete one-stop solution using only industry leading components.

Compared to a brick built garage a concrete garage is around half the cost. Sounds like a deal but what’s the catch? It can’t be as good, can it?

Well, brick garages and workshops are obviously a great solution if you can afford them. If the same bricks are still in production, you can match the look of your home or surrounding buildings exactly.

While this is nice, our concrete garages have a lot of advantages of their own:
• Brick garages require planning permission. This can take months and will sometimes be denied. It costs too. Our garages usually don’t require planning permission. Call us and we’ll tell you what the regulations are in your area.
• You need an architect and after months of designing and planning, if you’re successful, you need a builder. One you can trust and one that’s available when you need them. Often easier said than done. Order your garage from us and it can be installed in as little as three weeks from date of ordering!
• Specifying your garage from us is easy. You can have it in just about any size and style you want. The choice is massive. We have a huge range of finishing options. We’ll take you through everything
• Brick garages are strong and will last as long as your house. Concrete is stronger than brick. The Roman Colosseum is made of concrete. Don’t worry, your concrete garage will last the pace!

Or you can look at it this way. For the price of a single brick garage, you can have a superb double garage from us. It will look great. We have a huge range of roof tile options, door and fascia options, colours, brick effects and more.

We install our garages, sheds and workshops over the whole of the west coast of Scotland, including the Scottish islands. Why not give us a call free 0800 112 3013 and find out what we can do for you?

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