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Our Sheds and Workshops range offer you a great looking garage at a very affordable price

The flexibility offered by the sectional building process allows solid concrete shed and workshop buildings to be designed to your exact needs and requirements while still being extremely affordable.

Concrete Garages Scotland have been constructing pre-cast concrete sheds and workshops for over 10 years. We install the UK’s market-leading Hanson Garage range which offers the very best combination of strength and quality of construction. We offer unbeatable value for money.

Workshop Security 

Image of sectional concrete garageConcrete is the perfect construction material for a shed or workshop. The pre-cast panels that we use are incredibly rugged, are locked together extremely tightly, and above all, are actually stronger than a standard brick wall. 

We can place up and over doors and access doors at the front, side or rear of the building. Most importantly, both our garage doors and access doors are extremely strong. Ideal when you have expensive tools, materials industrial equipment or other high-value items locked away.

The Fortress
As security is paramount in today’s environment our ‘Fortress’ model range of garages offers the very best high-security features.

The Fortress offers:

  • Interlocking panels with overlapping joints preventing intruder access
  • Plastic coated steel fascias (available in all British standard colours)
  • Plastic coated steel roof sheets with felt underlay to prevent condensation
  • Security roof fixings
  • Hormann steel framed up and over door with 4 point locking mechanism
  • Factory primed steel roof trusses
  • Ideal garages for schools, sports clubs or on remote sites
  • Flexible Sizes

Image of sectional concrete garageWe make sheds and workshops in an almost limitless combination of lengths, widths and heights to suit your exact requirements. If you need to fit a high-top van we can make it extra tall. Similarly, if you’re storing long sections of timber that’s no problem, we can make the building extra long or wide to suit what you need them to do.

Additionally, we can fit our Sheds and Workshops with sturdy dividing walls as an optional extra. This is ideal if you require a dual purpose building. We can partition a section off for use as an office, secure storage area, even a multi gym or any other use.

Choose from the same range of styles and optional extras as the rest of our garage ranges for some extra stylish touches. 

Well insulated

We use a unique system of sealed interlocking concrete panels. These are a much stronger construction method than the mastic and bracket method favoured by other concrete shed installers. The walls are incredibly strong and, because of the way they are constructed, they are better insulated against the cold and the wind. Add in the insulated roof fillers that we fit as standard and you get a better insulated and consequently warmer building. More importantly, a stronger, longer lasting one too. 

Concrete Shed and Workshop Costs 

You would think that with the unique interlocking panels and superior methods of construction that our concrete workshops and sheds would, as a result, be more expensive than the simpler models available from our competitors. We’ll be honest here. You can get a cheaper basic concrete shed or workshop elsewhere. If cost is the overriding objective you would probably be well served choosing another company. 

However, and most importantly, when you specify their concrete shed or workshop to the level that ours comes at as standard, with gutters, quality doors, locks and windows, the price is around the same and often we undercut them. And because our level of quality is far superior (look here) we think we offer a much better overall deal.

Peace of Mind.

It’s also worth pointing out that our installers are all employed directly by us. As a result, they have a lot more to lose if they do a poor installation job. We’re not just sales agents for companies based in England. Furthermore, you can see everything for yourself at our showroom and show sites. You always have a direct point of contact in the unlikely event that an issue crops up during the ordering or installation process. Above all, everything is backed by a comprehensive guarantee from the UK’s largest concrete garage construction company.


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