Frequently Asked Questions. Some common questions answered.

We have listed a selection of common questions people have about of products and service. We have a wide selection of double concrete garages and also offer concrete garage bases. If you have any other questions please call is on freephone 0800 112 3013 anytime during office hours and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Are concrete garages as good as traditional brick built garages?

That’s a good question. Both garage systems will serve you well but we think a properly engineered concrete garage system has some real advantages over brick buildings and, although we are likely to say this, is something you should at least consider if you need a new garage. See our take here>

How long are you going to be on site? How long will it take to build my garage, workshop or shed?

This will depend on the size of the building but most buildings are built in under one day.

Will you need electric power to complete the installation of my garage?

No we have our own generators to produce any power we will require.

Are you going to drive your lorry onto my drive?

No, we will deliver the building components to your concrete base by means of a small trolley or wheeled hand truck if there is insufficient access.

What happens once once you have taken my order?

We will check the order to ensure that we can build what you’ve ordered, and that there are no obvious mistakes, and then we will acknowledge it to you, with a week commencing date and together with a confirmation of order sheet. Please check that we have interpreted your order correctly, and then send that back to us as our confirmation.

We will collect your balance of payment from you two clear weeks before the beginning of the week commencing date that we allocate to your order. We will assume that your concrete base has been laid well in time, and is pent square and level. If we are not able to deliver to the base or build on the programmed day, the building will be returned to our base and a charge will be made for redelivery to cover our manpower costs. If there is space to deliver the building, we may leave the building on site, which will mean that you will not have to wait so long for us to come back and build your garage.

Is Local Authority Approval required?

In Scotland Local Authority approval is NORMALLY NOT required for a concrete garage though it is required for erection of a traditional brick built garage. To find out more about your own situation please call us on 0800 112 3013.

What do I need to think about when siting my building?

Two main things:
1. LOOK UP! It may fit on the base, but do take into account overhanging tree branches and gutters/roofsheets of neighbouring buildings.
2. Make sure you take into account the opening projection of your up and over door and your personnel door, and any gutters that you may order.
You will need to ensure that you don’t break the rules from the local Authority, Planning and Building Regulation Approvals in particular.Can I put my concrete base anywhere?

Positioning your base is critical, but observing some simple rules will make sure that you will have no problems. Your up and over door will open through an arc which will need a maximum 1220mm (4ft). A standard height 1981mm (6’6”) up and over door needs 910mm (3ft) minimum space to operate.
Make sure the door will not foul walls, adjacent buildings etc. Allow for the personnel door opening. If the ground level is higher than the base (not recommended), the personnel door will not open.

If you need steps from the garage personnel door off the base, make sure you tell the agent/company so you will be able to position them correctly on the module of our panel sizes. LOOK UP! Overhanging branches of neighbouring trees – overhanging gutters from neighbouring buildings– the garage may fit on the base, but not at the eaves height…

How do I make sure the concrete base is designed correctly?

Your base should be designed for the ground conditions on your site. A reinforced concrete raft is essential, thickened edges and a compacted clean hardcore base, with dpm and steel mesh reinforcement as required. Advice from either Concrete Garages Scotland or your local builder is recommended.

What do I do if the surrounding ground level is higher than the base?

I’m afraid that you will have to remove the ground at least 150mm (6”) away from the edge of the base, retain the rest of the ground and ideally dig out and fill back with gravel or pea shingle. You need to prevent water sitting on the edge of the base, and water draining on to the base from the surrounding ground. The concrete base should be cast at least 25mm (1″) out of the ground.

What is a Concrete Garage Base?

Your precast concrete garage requires a concrete raft base, designed to suit you local ground conditions. It needs to be strong enough, be pent, square and level. Please call us on 0800 112 3013 if you need any advice. Arranging a site meeting is necessary to discuss any detailed requirements.

How much space  do I need?

If you are only putting our garage on the base, simply 150mm (3”) larger all round, so you base should be 300mm (6”) longer and wider than the external dimensions of the garage you have chosen.

If you have chosen TrueBrick front posts, you will need to make extra allowance for the brick thickness, so you should allow and extra 2″ on the length of the base. For garage sizes, lengths and widths, these garage size tables will help you.

Sizes for Pent and Apex garages

From 8’3″ to 30’3″ in 2’0″ increments as standard.
Special widths are available, please contact us to discuss the options.

From 8’1″ to whatever length you want!! in 2’0″ increments as standard.
Special lengths are available, please contact us to discuss the options.

From 6’6″ in 6″ increments as standard (7’0″, 7’6″, 8’0″, 8’6″, 9’0″ etc) up to 14ft!!
Special heights are available, please contact us to discuss the options.

How can I prevent damp coming up through the floor?

Simply put a plastic damp proof membrane (DPM) in the base when casting it. 1000g plastic sheeting is normally recommended, contact Concrete Garages Scotland for advice. It is relatively inexpensive, and makes a huge difference.