We believe that we’re the best garage builders in Scotland.

No other company offers the range of styles, the quality or the levels of service that we offer. Our experienced installers work quickly and to an extremely high standard.

If you’re looking for a quality garage installed at a great price then look no further than Concrete Garages Scotland. We offer a huge selection of designs, styles and finishes so we can design and install a garage that not only looks great but one that fits in with your surroundings too.

garage builders white PVC When choosing your perfect garage you have a few different options. Do you go for a traditional brick and mortar garage, a wooden garage or a prefabricated concrete garage?

Wooden garages are more affordable but they are not as secure as a brick or concrete garage, they are not as well insulated against the cold and damp and even with regular maintenance and paint treatments they won’t last anywhere as long as a brick or concrete garage system.

Brick built garages are obviously a good choice and can be constructed to match the surrounding buildings exactly. They are expensive to build though and they also require planning permission, which can take months to go through the planning system, especially if you get objections from neighbouring properties (and you’re not guaranteed to get permission to build). The actual build process is also time consuming and messy.

garage builders graphiteNow, given the name of our company, you’ll not be surprised that we’re garage builders who favour the concrete garage solution! Bear with us though, we feel that a top quality sectional concrete garage system offers real advantages over traditional brick garages (as nice as they are). 

As experienced garage builders we’ve looked at every type of pre-cast garage system on the market and in our opinion the Hanson range of garages is easily the best available in the UK. They are the largest manufacturer in the UK and we’re the official (and only) Hanson supplier in Scotland. 

The Hanson system is the only one that uses solid interlocking panels that are insulated from the inside and are incredibly strong. Other systems use mastic and brackets to join their panels together which is nowhere near as good for long-term strength and insulation.

Big Cost Savings

garage builders wood effectDid you know that for garages of the same size, a sectional concrete garage can be installed for less than half the price of a brick garage? That’s right, you can build a concrete garage for half of the overall cost of a brick garage! That’s a substantial saving in anyone’s book and a concrete garage from us will easily last as long as normal brick garage (the Roman colosseum is made of concrete after all…).

With all this in mind you can appreciate that you’re certainly not skimping on quality by choosing a garage builder that goes down the quality pre-cast garage route. What about style? We have a lovely range of designs to choose from. Popular choices are the Knight garage range, the Apex and the Woodthorpe ranges. All can be specified with real brick fronts, various colours of roof, various colours of PVC soffits and fascias, as well as different window and door finishes. The end result can be a simple, affordable garage or for a slightly larger outlay, something that looks absolutely stunning.


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Stylish and Secure

garage builders security doorUnlike with our direct competitors, all of our entrance doors have high security locking systems and we specify the market leading Hormann up and over door fitted as standard. You can specify remote operated electric garage door openers, superb double glazing, mains electricity supply connection with internal lighting and much more. All for a LOT less than the cost of a brick building and at an overall cost that’s extremely competitive with other concrete garage suppliers.

The customisation doesn’t stop at