Woodthorpe Garages

Scotland's Best
Garage System

This is a selection of recent Woodthorpe garage installations.

How yours looks is entirely up to you. You can have them in just about any shape you like. Taller, wider, longer, no windows or loads of windows, front door or side door. You can have a superb Harmann up and over door, manual or remote operated. The choice of finishes is huge too with real brick fronts and a stunning range of woodgrain PVC door and trim finishes.

As you can see on the above gallery the Woodthorpe garage range is incredibly stylish and is available with various realistic wood effect finishes. It looks great in place next to just about any home.

In common with our other ranges it’s extremely strong, sharing the innovative interlocking concrete panel construction that all of our ranges use as standard. They can be made up to 30 feet wide with multiple Hormann doors and to an unlimited length so will suit just about any use you can think of. We fit the best door system on the market as standard too, the Hormann door system. Quality German engineering that will last for years. You can chose manual or electric remote operation too for that extra touch of class and convenience.

The Woodthorpe can be specified with real brick fronts in various colours to match your surrounding even more closely. All of our garage types are incredibly strong, roof trusses are properly engineered for a long life, windows use quality glazing, doors and locks are solid. We fit many garage systems in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and customers regularly recommend our products to family and friends as they really do put up with the more severe weather better than any other system on sale in Scotland.

Whatever style options you choose for your Woodthorpe you can be sure that will will be much quicker to install that a brick garage (installed in one day, two if you need a concrete base laid), you most likely will not require planning permission (contact us to find out if your area does require it) and it will be much cheaper than a brick garage. It’s probably stronger too. Overall, we think it’s an unbeatable option.